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About Ron

Ron Butler has over 30 years of Executive Officer experience in major Fortune 50, Fortune 400, and public and private companies serving as a Chairman, CEO and Executive VP.  He has led teams in home center retailing, building material manufacturing, furniture manufacturing, specialty retail pet products, wholesale and distribution channels, imports, consumer products, high growth as well as distressed restructuring businesses.


After serving as an officer in the US Army Adjutant General Corps, Ron was hired into the management training program by a Fortune 50 home center chain. After gaining hands-on operational, merchandising, advertising and marketing experience, he was sought out to manage the operations for other home centers, building material manufacturers, retailers, wholesale and distribution businesses.


His experience includes traditional big-box retailing, category killer retailers, and manufacturers where he applied his MBA quantitative analysis skills to reposition businesses for greater profitability.  He as planned out risk management strategies, dealt with impaired assets, restructured, re-organized and led growth.


Ron consuls with boards to mentor executives, serve as interim CEO, Chief Restructuring Officer, Strategy Committees, Compensation Committees, Audit Committees, and Corporate Governance Committees.


He has served on the boards of a building material manufacturer, pet products providers, furniture manufacturer, importer, two universities, and continues to work in the not-for-profit and charities sectors.


Public Company Experience

  • Lowe’s Companies Inc., major home center chain (NYSE)
  • Moore Handley Inc., EVP hardware and building material provider (NASD-merged)
  • 84 Lumber, EVP, 400 store privately held lumber and building retailer
  • Payless Cashways, EVP Operations and Distribution  (NYSE,-not listed now)
  • PetSMART, EVP Marketing, Merchandising, Advertising, largest pet product provider (NASD-now private)
  • CRI, Chairman and CEO, furniture manufacturer (NYSE/AMEX-merged)



  • ARXX Building Material, Canada- Ontario
  • CRI, US- Indiana, China-Dongguan
  • Wake Forest University, Graduate School of Business- North Carolina
  • Pepperdine University, California


  • US Bankruptcy Trustee, Delaware- Chairperson Unsecured Creditors Committee
  • SPCA, Arizona

More Team Members

Ron Butler

Senior Partner

Seasoned C-Level and Board operative with experience in retail, manufacturing, services and education.

Contact Info:

8485 E. McDonald Drive

Number 294

Scottsdale, AZ  85250




Mark Shepherd

Principal, President

Mark Shepherd brings over 20 years of experience in the areas of finance, operations, and sales channel and product strategy as a CFO, COO & CEO....MORE »

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