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About Bob

Robert Islinger has over 25 years of Officer Experience in Fortune 500, public and private companies serving as a SVP, CMO, COO, and CEO.  He has led teams and organizations in big box retail, specialty retail, ecommerce, wholesale, consumer products, and marketing services channels in both growth and distressed situations.  He has been tenured in Sales, Operations, Finance, Distribution, IT, Market Research, Food & Hardgoods Manufacturing, and Importing.

After being grounded in operations by May Department Stores, Bob established his roots in Marketing, Merchandising and Advertising, targeting both consumer and commercial customers as a pioneer in direct, database, and digital marketing.  Additionally, his experience includes traditional media for big-box retailing where he applied his quantitative analysis skills to become an early adopter of data warehousing technologies for transactional analysis for category and assortment management.  As a result, Bob brings a quantitative approach to problem solving, innovation, and risk management.

Throughout his career, Bob has been able to move organizations outside of their paradigm to create new opportunities and innovation in terms of the Customer experience, the mission, and the value equation.  He has delivered innovation within organizations through process and technology (CRM and warehousing pioneering) and externally in the marketplace through positioning based upon research.

As one example, after assuming the CEO role, a consumer products brand found themselves in a situation where they were in less than 100 locations in the U.S. but after a major revitalization and some eighteen months later the brand could be found in over 10,000 locations such as Wal-Mart, Kroger, Target, Walgreens, Starbucks, and other national and regional points of distribution.  Another example, involved a marketing services company who had been on a losing streak with Clients, and after a revival of core competencies the organization was able to win RFP’s for multi-year contracts with an international soda company, a national dairy brand, a large international agricultural manufacturer, an multinational advertising agency and others.


Past Experience

Demdaco, VP Marketing

Egghead.com, SVP Marketing, Sales, & Engineering

OfficeMax, SVP/CMO Marketing, Advertising and Promotions

Payless Cashways, SVP Merchandising, Marketing and Planning

Service Merchandise, VP Marketing

Three Dog Bakery, President & CEO, formerly COO

Zouire Marketing Services, President & CEO

More Team Members

Robert Islinger

Principal, CEO

Tenured as a CEO,COO, and CMO with expertise in Strategic Planning, Marketing, Sales, and Operations in Retail, Consumer Products, and Marketing Service Organizations

Contact Info:

PO Box 23722

Stanley, Kansas 66283


E-mail rislinger@INVIGOREN.com






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