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Deliver Value through Flawless Execution


“Life is too short, and business moves too quickly.”


“A mediocre strategy flawlessly executed will always out perform a brilliant strategy executed with mediocrity.”


In a flat and 1-step world there are models and lessons that have already been learned.  The retail industry already has found that price and product do not rule as the sole predictive components.  Value is no longer the product of price and quality; it is the product of price, quality, and convenience divided by service.  To no one’s surprise, one must deliver the goods… flawlessly.


At INVIGOREN we believe that People, Process, and Technology must be managed integrally to pursue flawless execution.


People. Candidly, as people we are all flawed.  We make mistakes by design.  It is even one of the ways we learn.  If that is not enough of a handicap, people have short attention spans and move to the next problem, potentially before the current one is systematically fixed.  The bottom line is that we cannot deliver flawless execution on our own.  This may come across as an upfront excuse as to why we can’t deliver.


Process. Methodology that has been thoughtfully assessed, tested, documented and refined is “process”.  Process creates discipline for people.  It keeps them on track, catches errors, speeds progress, and ensures quality.


Technology.  We all know that technology can replace “people”, but more importantly it can enable people, make people more productive, lowers costs, and provides many other benefits.  Some of these benefits can be perceived as negatives or positives.  However, when pursuing flawless execution, technology has an attention span that is interruptible... it never tires.


We believe People, Process and Technology must be managed to deliver…. Flawless Execution.



Added Value Partners are passé…

      Partners who create organic Value...

                                              are relevant.





The World Is Indeed Flat. Thomas Friedman declared that the world was “flat” in 2007 as geographic communities and individual economies were connected by the World Wide Web.  In the original global economy, one needed to fit quite a few pieces of the puzzle together, and several steps of distribution to span the globe, but China and all of the continents are now just a click away.


The roles, responsibilities and the return-on-effort of have changed for many of us.  As an example, distributors are less relevant as the relationships between sellers and manufacturers have become more direct.  A constant pressure on low prices and improved margins has reduced the distributor’s role; from domestic representation and supply, to providing a key logistical replenishment function for Customers based on timely replenishment.


Small Business can now source and compete as Big Business. Staffs and teams have spanned cities, and but now they span the globe.  Today, throughout the world, we Skype China, the U.S. or Europe in the morning and again in the late evening, relaying the developments of our day, as our partners have slept, and vice-versa.  INVIGOREN resources are at work solving Clients’ Problems, and creating new Value on a 24-hour basis. Design files move in seconds, and collaboration is live halfway around the world.  The phrase of “here, there and everywhere” has a new reality.  In essence it is a 1-step world.


Added Value Partners still have a role, but they are much more constrained to a key logistic competency, and less on representation.


Adding Value as a “distribution step” is becoming less relevant, and adding organic value to a flat model is key to success.





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Contact us

PO Box 23722

Overland Park, Kansas USA  66283



Find us on:


A word from Bob Islinger, CEO

All of our resources are operators with common experiences, shared values, and a

singular mission.  We strive to be the Advocate for the Customer, the Guardian of the

Brand/Franchise, and the Catalyst for Change.


In-vig-or-en:  from the Latin vigēre, to be vigorus, energize, forceful with energy

and purpose; to make strong and resilient.

Copyright 2012 INVIGOREN LLC

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