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Materializing the Concept of a Flat World for our Clients:

Connecting Innovators to Clients and Shepherding the Process of Execution.



"Native Innovation” is sprouting throughout the world, and is no longer unique to certain companies, countries, or geographies.  Cultures known for low labor costs and manufacturing execution have now experienced an “intellectual renaissance” empowered by several generations of education.  They are no longer taking orders… they are creating new applications, improved features, new products, and new technologies.  This innovation can be witnessed in many ways, but we believe they can be categorized into three segments:

  New Technologies or new variants on technologies.

•   New Functional Applications of Technologies to new products, markets, and uses.

•   New Economies of Production enable new price points for migration from a specialty product to a mass market product, or the application of the technology to an application or use that traditionally was unable to warrant the technology at its initial price.


The “New Economy” requires that small and medium size business acquire new ways to leverage technology and processes to be competitive with the mammoths within their line of trade. Big Business has gone direct, distributors are embattled and at risk, and middle-sized and smaller businesses are relegated to services, unless they define a new methodology of sourcing.  A renaissance of sourcing is about to occur, enabled by several key concepts: Situation:

  The Internet has enabled global communication and created awareness of manufacturers through such marketplaces as Ali Baba and others.  These tools have created relationships and lowered costs but execution, quality control and social compliance can still be problematic.

  Cross-Cultural Expatriates, citizens of “Country A” living in “Country B” and citizens of “Country B” living in “Country A”, will improve communications, collaboration and compliance.

 •  The real cost of inventory is business’ next “big thing” The deemphasis of distributors will require that the remaining partners will need to set up their responsibilities and competencies in relation to the supply chain. The implementation of Sequential Fulfillment Processes will balance Demand, Time and Manufacturing and will need to be deployed on both sides of all oceans.  Not only will Quick Response Shipments (QRS) capabilities be employed for new product, but Metered Flow Production (MFP) will be used for staple and consistent products.




INVIGOREN’s solution for this opportunity is branded as brandexportare sourcing. Its mission is to materially bridge distance and culture by shepherding teams, process, and products to bring new technology and product to the U.S. and EU for distribution and sale.


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INVIGOREN’s experience includes extensive factory relationships developed as a result of its Partners’  years of extensive experience in sourcing and supplying for retail clients such as Kohl’s, Nordstrom, Bed Bath & Beyond, YUM Brands, Wal-Mart, Target, Old Navy, Starbucks, and many more.

Our relationships extend to China, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Mexico, and Central America. This 0diversity in partnerships allows us to provide

a network of resources for numerous products from apparel and novelties, lighting to electronics, solar energy products to giftware and accessories.

We house a full design, sourcing, and logistics team in our office in Ningbo, China which allows us access to respond

and react immediately.  This team includes 10 full-time QC auditors along with a compliance officer on staff to ensure quality control and compliance.

This flat model lowers costs, decreases lead times, and leverages inventory and enable our Clients to meet the team that manages your program in the US and on the ground overseas.

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Contact us

PO Box 23722

Overland Park, Kansas USA  66283



Find us on:


A word from Bob Islinger, CEO

All of our resources are operators with common experiences, shared values, and a

singular mission.  We strive to be the Advocate for the Customer, the Guardian of the

Brand/Franchise, and the Catalyst for Change.


In-vig-or-en:  from the Latin vigēre, to be vigorus, energize, forceful with energy

and purpose; to make strong and resilient.

Copyright 2012 INVIGOREN LLC

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