Marketing Services Firm Redefines Competencies & Acquires New Business


Sector: Marketing Services Company


Scale & Scope: Shed unprofitable business, Focused on promotions and brand equity creation versus product, Targeted and acquired prestigious clients such as a Top 10 Brand, one of the largest Dairy brands in the U.S. and a Top 10 International Agency.



A multi-generational entrepreneurial family owned a wide array of independent and dissimilar business.  One of the firms had been unprofitable, but was a sentimental asset of father.  An initiative was undertaken to make the business profitable and to create a going concern.  The company addressed Operational issues, abdicated unprofitable business and clients, redefined the core competencies of the organization and reorganized assets.  The company targeted business in a new approach and manner.  The new strategic approach won RFP's and/or multi-year contracts with a Top Ten international brand, a national dairy brand, an international agricultural manufacturer, and a Top Ten international agency in conjunction with one of the arms of the U.S. military, among others.




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A word from Bob Islinger, CEO

All of our resources are operators with common experiences, shared values, and a

singular mission.  We strive to be the Advocate for the Customer, the Guardian of the

Brand/Franchise, and the Catalyst for Change.


In-vig-or-en:  from the Latin vig─ôre, to be vigorus, energize, forceful with energy

and purpose; to make strong and resilient.

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