INVIGOREN resources are found in diverse locations, and are situated to be near our Clients, key resources, and at the hubs of transportation, technology and commerce.

Kansas City, U.S.

PO Box 23722

Stanley, Kansas, USA 66283

(913) 461-3236


San Francisco, U.S.

2847 Fillmore Street

San Francisco, California, USA 94123

(925) 640-2641


Phoenix, U.S.

8485 E. McDonald Drive

Number 294

Scottsdale, AZ  85250



New York, U.S.

Coming Soon


Ningbo, China

Room 303

No 15 Chezhan Road

Jinagbei District, Ningbo, China















Contact us

PO Box 23722

Overland Park, Kansas USA  66283



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A word from Bob Islinger, CEO

All of our resources are operators with common experiences, shared values, and a

singular mission.  We strive to be the Advocate for the Customer, the Guardian of the

Brand/Franchise, and the Catalyst for Change.


In-vig-or-en:  from the Latin vig─ôre, to be vigorus, energize, forceful with energy

and purpose; to make strong and resilient.

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