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About John

With 30 years experience in the retail and wholesale industry, John and his international team residing in Ningbo has created hardgoods and branded apparel, but also has been a source of design and goods for such brands as Nordstrom, Kohl’s, Hurley, Gap, Wal-Mart, Talbots, and many more.

John is strategically located in the heart of the textile manufacturing district and adjacent to the technology sector in Ningbo, China. Our proximity to the retail marketplace and the factories provides us with access to the latest in cutting edge technology, techniques, and fabrications. Due to the demands of our current retail clients, our design team are continually tasked with continuous design activities keeping pace with fashion and technology trends season to season. In addition, we have resources in the U.S. for immediate response requests, trend research and analysis, development of labels, hangtags, packaging, etc. and technical packages.


More Team Members

John Whittinghill

Senior Partner, NovOriginem Sourcing

On the ground 24/7 in Asia with manufacturing, quality control, compliance and logistical staff.  A seasoned veteran of the apparel, consumer products, and technology sectors.

Contact Info:

Room 303

No 15 Chezhan Road

Jinagbei District,

Ningbo, China





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