“There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.” Sam Walton


At INVIGOREN, Clients are always referenced with a capital "C".

Our Clients generally request that their projects remain confidential and anonymous. Upon request, an INVIGOREN partner can reach out to prior Clients to arrange a reference.

It keeps us humble, but makes it hard for others to qualify us at a glance. Yet much of our work for Clients is interacting with their customers, and we can provide this information at a glance without breaking confidentiality.

INVIGOREN senior partners have successfully executed business, assisted, or won RFP's within the following segments or brands on behalf of employers or Clients.

Specialty Retailers

National QSR Restaurants (4)

National and Regional Grocers

Major Convenience Store Chain

Key International Beverage Company

Mass Merchants (including Walmart and Target)

National and Regional Department Stores

Home Decor Manufacturers and Retailers

International Machinery Manufacturer

National Insurance Companies

Greeting Card Manufacturers

Hardware Manufacturers

National Dairy Brand

National Drug Store


 and others






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A word from Bob Islinger, CEO

All of our resources are operators with common experiences, shared values, and a

singular mission.  We strive to be the Advocate for the Customer, the Guardian of the

Brand/Franchise, and the Catalyst for Change.


In-vig-or-en:  from the Latin vigēre, to be vigorus, energize, forceful with energy

and purpose; to make strong and resilient.

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