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BrandExportare Sourcing pursues this objective in five way

•  Source Products for Retailers: Execute product line analysis, identify competitive and marketplace constraints, and create an RFP or an Opportunity Assessment  for domestic companies and subsequently present it to a panel of qualified manufacturers with the capabilities to be able to supply a “Solution” for the Client company

•  Secure Placement for Manufacturers: Evaluate offering in terms of quality, style, function, price and logistics in relation to existing offerings and approach retailers with an opportunity to sell the brand/product or develop a private label offeri

•  Supervise Logistic Processes:  Manage QRS (Quick Response Shipments) and MFCP (Metered Flow Continuous Production) solutions at both the retailers and manufacturers to optimize COG’s and dramatically improve GMROI and out-of-stocks, and reduce inventories and mark-downs.  Consolidate and co-mingle shipments from different suppliers to a single Client to maximize lead times and lower costs, and also co-mingle shipments to several Clients to reduce costs and provide quick respon

  Manage Quality and Social Compliance: Third-party quality and social compliance inspection is supplemented by BrandExportare's staff resident in Asia and Latin America.  In some cases these are residents of the country and also include U.S. Citizens as well.  Compliance is benchmarked by the legal standard, the Client’s standard and INVIGOREN’s Code of Conduct which recognizes the fiduciary responsibilities of clothing a soul, and outfitting a bra

•  Provide Flawless Executions: BrandExportare SOURCING employs INVIGOREN’s concept of “Flawless Execution” which states that People, Process, and Technology must be managed integrally to pursue flawless execution.  This objective is based on the well-accepted observation that “A mediocre strategy flawlessly executed will always out perform a brilliant strategy executed with mediocrity”.

Added Value Partners are passe...

Partners who create organic Value are relevant

The World Is Indeed Flat. Thomas Friedman declared that the world was “flat” in 2007 as geographic communities and individual economies were connected by the World Wide Web.  In the original global economy, one needed to fit quite a few pieces of the puzzle together, and several steps of distribution to span the globe, but China and all of the continents are now just a click away.

The roles, responsibilities and the return-on-effort of have changed for many of us. As an example, distributors are less relevant as the relationships between sellers and manufacturers have become more direct.  A constant pressure on low prices and improved margins has reduced the distributor’s role; from domestic representation and supply, to providing a key logistical replenishment function for Customers based on timely replenishment.

Small Business can now source and compete as Big Business. Staffs and teams have spanned cities, and but now they span the globe.  Today, throughout the world, we Skype China, the U.S. or Europe in the morning and again in the late evening, relaying the developments of our day, as our partners have slept, and vice-versa.  INVIGOREN and BrandExportare resources are at work solving Clients’ Problems, and creating new Value on a 24-hour basis. Design files move in seconds, and collaboration is live halfway around the world.  The phrase of “here, there and everywhere” has a new reality.  In essence it is a 1-step world.

Added Value Partners still have a role, but they are much more constrained to a key logistic competency, and less on representation.

Adding Value as a “distribution step” is becoming less relevant, and adding organic value to a flat model is key to success.


Reducing the costs of the manufacturing and replenishment process…


Reducing the components of the manufactured goods?

An unconstrained focus on lower costs, without auditing the strategies that provide these reductions, can provide a fade to gray.  Where quality, safety, sustainability, social responsibility, and regulatory compliance are diluted to the point where the Brand is endangered by the by-products.


INVIGOREN lowers prices through the process of manufacturing and logistics, without reducing quality or endangering the brand.







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